Cupcakes are an increasingly popular dessert for any occasion.  Whether you’re planning a baby shower, birthday party, or wedding, cupcakes are a delicious, cute, and cost-effective way to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth!

Penguin Cupcake Towers were designed specifically to provide superior results when decorated and are the ideal choice for anyone looking to create an exceptional and unforgettable centerpiece.

Combining a classic look with innovative design, Penguin towers are the perfect choice for your event. Our towers are made from high-quality 6mm corrugated plastic, producing an ultra-lightweight and extremely strong cupcake stand. Order your tower today!

Customer Reviews.

I’ve attached two photos of our cupcake towers. One was a wedding display with a 8 inch cake and 132 cupcakes. the second was done by my 16 year old daughter, Malloree, for her friend’s Sweet 16 party that had a Mardi Gras theme.
– Kirty (TruffleNation – Baking courses in delhi)

Thank you very much! I order the stand 5 days before  my sister in law’s wedding and it came the day before!  Everyone LOVED my cupcakes! The stand made them look great!!

– Violeta V. Gill

There’s good and bad news. First the bad… Our cupcake stands are only available in what is called “ultra white”. Now for the good news.  The great thing about white is that you can spray paint it whatever color you want just like Britney did in these photos. She said it only took her two coats to achieve the results you see here.

I’ve spray painted many of our stands as well and also attempted to spray paint cardboard towers before with very unsatisfactory results. Cardboard absorbs paint unevenly leaving a very blotchy and uneven finish but because our towers are made from plastic they take all kinds of paint exceptionally well.


– Britney

The Emperor tower is easy to assemble and so lightweight when fully assembled that I carry it into the venue with one hand. Awesome!  It’s easy to attach ribbon with double-sided tape, although it takes about an hour to complete that task (measuring, cutting, taping) for the entire tower.

Worth the effort though, because my clients LOVE the fact that I can customize with their colors.  The 6mm plastic has been sturdy so far, no signs of wear when assembling and disassembling to alter the size.

As I’d mentioned to you over the phone, I’ll be posting my recommendation for this tower on the online community board I belong to and hope my fellow cakes take my advice and purchase a stand from Penguin!

Thanks for making a great product at an affordable price!!


– kristen

“We didn’t have a cake, instead we did chocolate covered strawberries and small dessert bites. The stand was PERFECT and we glued on black ribbon and square doilies, then decorated with tea light candles and roses…”

From Niki in CA

The #1 Cupcake Stand for Decorating Cakes

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