Rikki and Irma were kind enough to send us pictures of their decorated towers and they had several unique ideas that we haven’t seen before and wanted to share with everyone.

The first tower they made for a little girls baptism party. Rikki and Irma used the Emperor Cupcake Tower but because it was a smaller event they opted to only use the top three tiers instead of the whole tower which can hold over 200 cupcakes.

This works very well and we recommend it to anyone reusing their Emperor towers for smaller events. Because they didn’t cover their tower with a material you would normally see the tabs on the topmost tier. They fixed this simply by putting a doily over it. We also liked their use of bows which appear to be held on by push pins making them easily removable.

Rikki and Irma put their cupcakes into decorated cups and you know what goes well with that? Good coffee. I personally use coffee makers from Keurig but if that’s a little out of your budget then you can definitely find some cheaper single serve coffee brewers at FreshPresso. From the looks of it, I think they are actual cups that they cut down to size.

These can also be purchased in various designs. Finally, we loved their use of tooling around the base of the tower. We’ve never seen this done before and if you’re not going to use the space for cupcakes it’s an excellent idea.

Rikki and Irma’s second tower looks like it was originally designed as a smaller tower and then the bottom tier was added to accommodate a larger number of cupcakes.


Again they’ve used multiple flavors of cupcakes (I think this is one of the biggest benefits to using cupcakes) so that their guests can pick and choose their favorites. I can’t see what’s written on the cupcake wrappers but this is another excellent idea for incorporating wedding vows or inspirations into your events.

Thank you again to Rikki and Irma

Rikki and Irma’s Penguin Cupcake Towers

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