Planning to bake cupcakes at home? Have you bought all the required baking tools for it? Yes, making cupcakes is fun but it isn’t easy especially if you don’t have all the right baking tools for it.

Not sure what baking tools to invest in for making the perfect cupcakes at home? Don’t worry because we have prepared the perfect list of baking equipment that you would need to make the most delicious cupcakes at home:

1. Cupcake baking pan

cupcake baking tray

One of the essential baking tools for making a cupcake is the cupcake pans which has an anti-stick coating and comes in various designs and sizes. A typical cupcake pan can make 12 cupcakes at a time.

2. Clean tea towels

You also need clean tea towels to wipe your baking tools before you use them and a lot of times you need these towels to cover baked goods or dry delicate glassware of excess water. Make sure that your towel absorbs well and can be easily cleaned.

3. Good quality oven

An oven is an essential baking equipment for making cupcakes and makes sure that your oven is always clean and working perfectly. If you need to buy a new oven, make sure that your oven is a self-cleaning oven or is extremely easy to clean.

4. Oven thermometer

This is one of the most important tools after an oven because a lot of times the temperature can fluctuate in an oven and could lead to unevenly baked cupcakes so invest in an oven thermometer. Use this thermometer to determine your oven’s temperature and then adjust accordingly. This often seen only when you join some baking classes. If you’re in Delhi then TruffleNation is our go-to recommendation.

5. Kitchen timers

Noting downtime is important when baking cupcakes because overbaking could burn your cupcakes. So, make sure you get a kitchen timer to achieve the exact baking time.

6. Hand mixer

Another needed baking tool for making cupcakes is a hand mixer. This mixer will be responsible for preparing the cupcake batter so make sure that it has all the necessary functions and is easy to clean later on.

7. Measuring cups and scales

Measuring cups and scales

You also need measuring cups and spoons and a food scale to weigh your ingredients and then add them together to prepare the cupcake batter. Precision is important during baking and you can only achieve it with the help of measuring tools.

8. Mixing bowls

Another important baking tool to have is the mixing bowls in which you will add your ingredients together and prepare the cupcake batter to be placed in the oven. Make sure you get a metal or glass bowl as their coating is less likely to come off and they can be used in a hand mixer as well.

9. Paper baking cups

One of the most important cupcake baking tools is paper baking cups which are placed in the cupcake pan and add a nice look to your cupcakes. They also make it easier to slide the cupcake out of the pan. If you have a cupcake stand that is a wonderful addition.

10. Piping bag, spatula and paint brushes

For decorating your cupcakes, you need paint brushes, piping bag, and so on. You can use spatulas, knives, etc. for frosting on the top of the cupcakes and a piping bag with a nozzle for adding sculptures and models to your cupcakes.

10 Basic Baking Equipment for Cupcakes

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